Living in a harmony is based upon accepting experience, and a schematic way of thinking and acting. Frankness and calm persona leads to freedom from stereotypes and discomposure. They help you to find the change effectively and successfully. In the process of finding harmony of living we have to take in to consideration some more aspects, including destiny, nature, personality, body, health and age.

During the process of finding the perfect balance we have to recognise what is strengthening us and what is not. And what is stopping us to live the full and happy healthy life we all dream of.

Try to think what belongs to the negative factors which affect our life. For sure we know the stresses, chaos, aggression, falseness, nervousness, toxic environments, radiation, poison, noise, manipulation, stagnation, and bureaucracy, everything sharp and fast, unnatural, act. And in contrast the positive factors encompass everything, which makes you feel nice and harmonise you. Can you think of some? Harmony, sound of nature, clear water, dew, fresh air, meadows in bloom, sunrise, snow-covered mountain peaks, lakes sunbathing at sunset, dance, music, good food, happiness, movement, love. These are all words that surround us. Where there is life, energy is circulating. This energy is called CHI or QI. Both antipole + - called YANG and JIN (Sun and moon, men and women, black and white, active or passive act.) are joined together forming one harmonised unit. It is necessary to keep this energy running in high quantity and quality.

Just try to remember how you felt entering one place or other with completely different atmospheres. In each of them you feel differently, cozy and homely in one of them and the opposite way in the other one. Nobody needs to tell you why, you just simply recognise where you feel good and relaxed, and where you cannot "brief". Today's hectic life style means energy CHI is being used up in abundant quantity and is quickly utilised. This causes "hunger" for energy. Raising strong emotion, lack of understanding, fears, fright, illnesses… Men stopped being men, women being women. Therefore is necessary to harmonise antipole, respect yang and jinn, respect the 4 seasons. Only then can you guarantee a rich and long life - as wiser said.

Our home is the place where we rest, refresh our strength, and get the happiness. And we will try our best have our home harmonised so the happiness will appear into our life.

Feng-Shuei in translation means wind - water, which understands the basic relationships in nature and how they impact. The main purpose is achieving balance in life, essentially in relationship with changes around us.




Should you be interested in design of your house and its realisation according Feng-Shuei principles, please contact me.


Photo-album with description and finished realisation can be found in this section Presentation.




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