• interior design – private clients (houses, apartments, rezidences)
  • project realisation
  • renovation of interiors and furnishing commercial premises – offices, hotels, shops
  • furnishing, bath, kitchen design
  • colours design
  • use of Feng-Shuei philosophy through lay-out design


Just try to remember how you feel walking into one place or other. In each of them you can feel very different. Cozy and homely in one of them and the complete opposite in the other. Nobody needs to explain why, you just simply recognise where you feel good and relaxed, and where not. The application of Feng-Shuei in the home and offices is a comprehensive subject. In finding harmony in living we have to take in consideration additional aspects, such as destiny, nature, personality, body, health and age.

We try to identify the perfect balance. Therefore we have to recognise what is enhancing our energy levels and what is decreasing energy levels. What is stopping us to live a full and happy healthy life in other words our dreams and aspirations.




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Photo-album with description and finished realisation can be found in this section Projects.


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