Marcela Bartakova



Beauty, harmony, aesthetics and Feng-Shuei principles - combination of these principles are an essential part of my life. I use them in my personal and professional life - in marketing and organisation activities as well as interior design where Feng-Shuei plays the principle role.

For my work in realisation of project, interior design, design and realisation of kitchens, dinning rooms, bathrooms and furnish design. I use a combination of: Laws of nature, positive impact of energy, contribution of gem stones, combination of colours, and numerology. I bespoke design and placement of items to independently suit the needs of the individual to fit into your life and life style. I use mainly the principles that can be applicable in European standards.

"The beauty is in simplicity" and "Less is more", these are phrases, which I have followed for a long time. It is important to know the owner of the place, his/her habits, wishes, style, materials and colours that he/she likes. Only after knowing all this we can find the best solution that would fit best for his/her living and life.

Feng-Shuei is an ancient Chinese philosophy. Feng-Shuei is literally means WIND - WATER, which understands basic relationship in nature low and they impact us. The main reason is to achieve harmony, balance of energy and people living in the place. Our place is a mirror of our life. Accepting these changes following harmonisation leads to better understanding of our own life in all these aspects.

Education: University of Tomas Bata, Zlin, honour of Marketing a Management

Languages: Czech, Slovak, English, French, Italian


  • Corporate culture and identity
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication
  • School of Feng-Shuei
  • Colours and their impact
  • Yoga
  • Numerology

Member of Women´s Forum

Member of international culinary club La Chaine






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