Understanding partners, our close friends, family, and indeed us is a key to success. Only if respect, sympathy and understanding exist, then insecurity cannot take a lead in your life. All our life is measurable by numbers and it's subject to progress in cycles. The numbers. Numbers play such an important role in our daily lives. But only a few people understand that it is not about the quantity but quality. Quality of numbers produce specific vibrations that we can find in people personalities. It is not only thanks to your date of birth. Each carrots cart meaning, but also in vibration of each part of Pakua in Feng-Shuei.

The better we understand vibration of numbers the better we will be able recognise, foresee, work on our self and achieve greater quality of life.

All our life experience shows up our weakness and gives us the opportunity to strengthen these areas where we suffer most.

If we do it purposely and with understanding we will become stronger, more mature person on higher level of development. If we judge this life test with disgrace and bitterness life will automatically set more tests for more experiences to give us a chance for progress.

In numerology we will concentrate on:

  • Crosshatch, from date of birth we can find quality of our existence. From this crosshatch we can learn all our individual presumptions with which we were born with, as well as our bad habits and lessons for life that we have to embrace.
  • Number of life - its character number, its use through all our life.
  • Day, month and year of birth - Examination of relationships according to the numbers shows us a lpicture of our character as well as working, social and personal needs.
  • Number field - tell more about lessons which we should accept and where our life leads for future process of improvement.
  • Nine-year cycle, personal vibration number and primary number - Each cycle of vibration creates tests in different parts of our life. That is the part we have to focus on. Values such as love, strength, compassion and sympathy are the main opportunities which life can offer us.
  • Name an numerology
  • Partnership and numerology




In case of your interest of numerology of yourself please contact me.


What the numbers in numerological rack represent?


1 – verbal expression on feelings, intelligent
2 – intuition, ability empathize, feeling
3 – mental capacity, conceptual imagination
4 – practicality, ability, assertively, diligence
5 – passion, will, sensibility, contact with others
6 – harmony, family, love for beauty, selling ability
7 – emotiveness, spontaneous, sense, empathy, sense karma
8 – logical way of thinking, organization talent, imagination, material and psychical karma
9 – analytic ability, spirituality



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